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Expanded summer hours begin June 4, 2019 and run through September 2019. The Buffalo Harbor Museum will be open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Did you know that Buffalo had its own Statue of Liberty until New York City forced its removal? Is this fact or fiction made up to introduce you to the first walking tour of the harbor, "Truth or Tales?" There will be a prize for  the person who identified the most Truths or Tales, after the tour ending at the Buffalo Harbor Museum. Light refreshments will also be served following the tour. TICKETS ARE LIMITED - SO GET YOURS NOW! Click on the button below.


Last update: 12DEC2018

Ship's bell from the S.S. Canadiana.
The image is too small for the engraving to be seen on the center of the bell.


The Buffalo Harbor Museum is supported by grants from:

    • The Baird Foundation



Watson Elevator -
This classic wood grain elevator was once a landmark in Buffalo's inner harbor now dramatically captured in a scale model by Gary Jensen.

Erie Canal in Buffalo
 - Updates to  our display are completed with new photos, and maps.

Expanded Grain Elevator Exhibit - Will feature new photos of Buffalo's Grain Elevators both wood and concrete with a master locator map.

Canadiana Display
(Crystal Beach Boat) - This has been posted here for some time, but the display is still in design to include many new exciting artifacts from Buffalo's favorite passenger steamer.

Crystal Beach Park Display - The primary port-of-call for the Canadiana, to compliment the Canadiana display.