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Expanded summer hours begin June 6, 2017 and run through September 2017. The Buffalo Harbor Museum will be open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

In conjunction with Explore Buffalo, members of the museum are invited to attend a "Disasters of the Buffalo" cruise on Sunday, June 18 aboard the MIss Buffalo II. All members should check their U.S. mail for a post card with details. On-line registration is required through the Explore Buffalo website. Seating is limited so register early. A full ship is anticipated! Learn more about this special cruise at:

Check out the two photos of the Manitoulin by Joe Rennie in the Buffalo Harbor Views page.


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Ship's bell from the S.S. Canadiana.
The image is too small for the engraving to be seen on the center of the bell.


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... New Book        
"Fire and Water" See the Ship's store for more details.


Erie Canal in Buffalo -
This classic wood grain elevator was once a landmark in Buffalo's inner harbor now dramatically captured in a scale model.

Erie Canal in Buffalo
 - Updates to  our display are completed with new photos, and maps.

Ship's Bell from the S.S. Canadiana - Recently acquired, the ship's bell from Western New York's iconic passenger steamer, was often heard but seldom seen. Cast in 1910, this bell is a true Canadiana relic.


Clinometer from the S.S. Canadiana - The clinometer is a gauge that measures a ship's list. This recent acquisition ib an excellent example of 1910 maritime technology. Made of brass, this new acquisition contains the indicator arm (like the arm on a analog clock - about 18 inches long) and the list scale. It will be formally mounted on a plaque and will be included in the Canadiana display noted below.

Expanded Grain Elevator Exhibit
- Will feature new photos of Buffalo's Grain Elevators both wood and concrete with a master locator map.

Canadiana Display
(Crystal Beach Boat)
- This has been posted here for some time, but the display is still in design to include many new exciting artifacts from Buffalo's favorite passenger steamer.
  • Recently acquired child's life jacket dating back to 1916 and most likely a 1910 original from her inaugural year.
  • Adult life jacket from the 1950s.
  • Overhead light fixture.
  • Crystal Beach Line ticket printing plate
  • Commemorative plaque cut from her propeller shaft.
  • Sectioned ring from cut from her hull where a portal would window was mounted.
  • Four Canadiana deck chairs arrived June 3, 2016.

Crystal Beach Park Display - The primary port-of-call for the Canadiana, to compliment the Canadiana display.